EScript - getting started

Install instructions

If you want to give it a try please follow these steps:
  1. Download the latest release from
  2. Fire up eclipse and navigate to Help/Install New Software... 
  3. Click the Add... button and select the Archive... from above.
  4. Uncheck Group items by category to see the EScript feature.

As there is no official release yet, this download contains a developer preview which may not cover the latest code changes.

After installation navigate to Window/Show View/Other... and select General/Script Shell. Now start typing your commands.

Tested on an Eclipse Standard 4.3 (Kepler) release.

Build the latest release

All you need is a git client and maven to build on your own:
git clone
cd EScript
mvn clean install
Afterwards you will find a p2 update site repository under


Extend script functionality by writing your own modules.

In case you are cloning with EGit make sure to work on the develop branch.


  1. On Eclipse Juno I get the error message at installation :
    Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found.
    Software being installed: EScript (
    Missing requirement: EScript - Sample module
    (com.codeandme.scripting.modules.sample requires 'bundle org.eclipse.jface 3.9.0' but it could not be found
    Cannot satisfy dependency:
    From: EScript (
    To: com.codeandme.scripting.modules.sample []

    How can I resolve this ?

    1. Hi, eScript is not maintained anymore. It moved to eclipse and is now called EASE. Most of the things you read here work very similar in EASE. Just give it a try: